Kebab Entrée Buffet




Minimum quantity must be 6

$10.95 per person. Hot Entrees are served as a Buffet Style, with your choice of 3
side dishes.
Served with Pita bread and homemade sauces.
You can choose up to 3 side dish.

Serving per order:

  • Chicken Shishi Kebab: 6 pieces per order
  • Tandoori chicken kebab: 6 pieces per order
  • Kofte Kebab: 4 pieces per order
  • Steak Tip Kebab: (5 pieces per order)
  • Sword Fish Kebab: (5 pieces per order)

GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, VG = Veagan, V = Vegetarian,
N = Contains Nuts